Annual HVAC Maintenance Plans VS One Time Tune-Ups

When was the last time you scheduled a seasonal tune-up with a qualified service technician? If you don’t call in an experienced technician at least twice a year, you’re missing out on the big benefits that come from properly maintaining your Atlanta, GA home’s HVAC system. Read on to learn more about the differences between signing up for an annual HVAC maintenance plan and individual tune-ups.

Scheduling One-Time Tune-Ups

If you aren’t enrolled in an HVAC maintenance plan, you should have a qualified service technician clean and inspect your system at least twice a year. Ideally, you will schedule air conditioning maintenance in early spring and furnace maintenance in early fall.

These routine tune-ups allow your service technician to clean and maintain your system as it ages, preventing unnecessary breakdowns. They will also test and inspect your system, catching small problems that would likely turn into expensive repair bills if left undetected.

Without HVAC maintenance plans, you need to schedule seasonal heating and air conditioning tune-ups one at a time. That requires you to track the frequency and timing of tune-ups every year, but there is an easier way to do it.

The Advantage of HVAC Maintenance Plans

An annual HVAC maintenance plan ensures that you receive two seasonal tune-ups every year while passing the job of tracking and timing those services onto your service provider. A well-trained and highly qualified service technician will ensure your maintenance services are scheduled at the optimal times for your system.

HVAC maintenance plans also offer added benefits that don’t come with one-time tune-ups, which may include:

  • Discounts on parts and repairs
  • Priority service for repairs
  • Waived service charges

Contact our Helpful Staff to Learn More

To explore how a maintenance plan can save you time and money, check out the detailed HVAC maintenance plan offered by Jones Climate Control or give us a call today.

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