Is Your Air Conditioner’s Air Handler Making A Lot Of Noise?

Under normal operating conditions, air conditioners are quiet. You’ll hear the click when the outdoor unit turns on and a whoosh from the air handler’s fan as it blows air into the ducts of your home. If you notice a noisy air handler in your Stockbridge, GA, home, here are a few possible reasons why.

Look for Debris

The air handler’s housing is made of metal. When there’s a big swing in temperature, expansion and contraction of the metal may cause you to have a noisy air handler. If you hear a thumping sound while the air conditioner cycles, debris could be a reason. It’s also possible that a disintegrating concrete footer or rubber padding on the bottom of the unit could cause you to have a noisy air conditioner. The breakdown of materials causes the air handler to get off-balance and rattle during each cooling cycle.

Inspect the Filter

An improperly installed filter might rattle in its housing. Make sure you’re using the correct size of air filter for the air handler. Slide the filter into the housing in the correct orientation. The filter and housing typically have arrows for easy installation. If you still have a noisy air handler, loose ducts may be to blame. You’ll need help from AC repair experts to identify damaged air ducts.

Check for Bent Coil Fins

Falling debris may cause the fins on the evaporator or condenser unit to bend. Each time the fan spins, it makes contact with the bent fins. This creates a clanging sound. Bent fins are a problem because they hinder airflow across the coils, explains the Department of Energy. You can get a fin comb to straighten them, or you can have AC repair experts handle this cause of a noisy air handler for you.

To learn more about the causes of a noisy air handler, take a look at Jones Climate Control’s air conditioning repair services, or contact our AC repair experts today.

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