Signs of a Malfunctioning Heat Pump Reversing Valve

Heat pumps offer efficient heating and cooling for your Peachtree City, GA, home with a quick flip of a switch. This switch controls the unit’s reversing valve and works without fail — usually. Although a heat pump’s reversing valve malfunctions rarely, when it does, you’ll notice the following signs.

System Doesn’t Toggle Between Modes

A heat pump with a properly functioning reversing valve should switch between heating and cooling modes seamlessly. If you notice the system’s having trouble doing this, the valve likely has experienced mechanical failure of some sort. You’ll need to call professionals to inspect the valve for physical damage and replace it if necessary.

Poor Heating and Cooling

Does your home feel less comfortable than usual? Does it seem like the heat pump isn’t producing the same amount of heating or cooling power? If yes, a faulty reversing valve could be to blame. When the valve is damaged or stuck, the heat pump system becomes less effective in transferring heat in and out of your home. The best way to avoid climate control issues is to have the heat pump inspected twice a year. Catching these types of problems early keeps your heat pump working efficiently all year.

Rising Utility Bills

One of the best features of heat pumps is their ability to heat and cool your home for less. You might notice your utility bills are higher than normal when the heat pump operates during extreme temperatures, but that shouldn’t be the norm. If it’s getting more expensive to control your home’s climate, a faulty reversing valve could be the culprit.

Diagnosing a faulty reversing valve isn’t something you can do yourself. It requires the expertise of highly trained technicians. If you think your home’s heat pump is failing, you need professional heat pump services. To learn more about all our air conditioning and heating services, call Jones Climate Control today!

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