Signs of a Problematic Heat Pump Refrigerant Line

A clogged refrigerant line hinders refrigerant fluid from circulating throughout your heat pump system. A malfunctioning line throws the entire heat pump system off kilter and causes cooling issues. Below, you’ll learn more about the signs of a problematic heat pump< refrigerant line and when to call for heat pump repairs in Atlanta.

Reduced Cooling Performance

Poor cooling performance is often the first thing most people notice when their line is clogged. The refrigerant fluid must flow unobstructed, so it cools your home sufficiently. You might notice your home feels warmer than it should, or you experience inconsistent cooling.

Ice Builds Up on Evaporator Coils

When fluid cannot move through a clogged line, it gets stuck and freezes. You will know this is the problem because you will clearly see ice on the evaporator coils. Not only does ice buildup make it harder for your heat pump to do its job, but it also causes it to work twice as hard. If you do not get the line cleared promptly, the heat pump’s performance will continue to decline, and you might need a new heat pump prematurely.

Increased Energy Consumption

Increased energy usage is another sign related to poor refrigerant flow. You’ll likely begin to see your energy bills rising quickly because you adjust the thermostat constantly to produce more comfortable temperatures in your home. The heat pump must work overtime to meet those demands, causing skyrocketing energy bills.

Are you worried your heat pump’s refrigerant line needs repairs? The sooner you call for repairs, the sooner you’ll get back to the consistent, energy-efficient cooling you’re used to. To learn more about refrigerant line repairs, check out Jones Climate Control’s heating repair solutions or call us for more information.

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