Signs that Your Commercial HVAC Unit is Failing

Your McDonough, GA business needs a high-function commercial HVAC unit to survive. If your customers don’t feel comfortable in your store or your employees feel overly hot or cold then your company is going to struggle. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait for a major HVAC break to catch problems with your current system. Here are four common signs that your commercial ac unit is failing.

Your Energy Bill Keeps Rising

Look closely at your energy bill. If your energy provider isn’t raising their rates but your expenses keep going up then your system might not be performing at its best. Energy bills vary from month-to-month (your ac usage in July is typically higher than in October), so dramatic jumps year-over-year can serve as warning signs that your system needs some care.

You Notice Strange Odors

The last thing you want is for your business to take on a malignant odor. Sniff around and see if the source is coming from your HVAC unit or air ducts. You could have organic growth in your system due to water leaks or backups that the motor is pushing through your workspace.

There Are Sudden New Sounds or Loud Noise

Your HVAC system should operate quietly most of the time. So be alert for problems like banging, tapping, or loud humming that suddenly crops up. You wouldn’t ignore a weird noise that comes from your car, so don’t ignore what your commercial HVAC system is trying to tell you.

Leaks or Excess Condensation

Similar to strange noises, sudden leaks or condensation are warning signs you can’t ignore. That water shouldn’t be there and you need to figure out why it is leaking and how you can fix the problem.

If you notice any of these signs, call Jones Climate Control at (678) 210-3851 to check out your commercial system. Small repairs that increase the efficiency of your unit are more affordable than fixing major breaks, and you can keep your unit running for years with the right care.

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