Signs Your Furnace Burners Might Be Faulty

When winter descends on Peachtree City, Georgia, a dependable home heating system can make all the difference. Unfortunately, faulty furnace burners can quickly render your heating system inefficient, unsafe, and unreliable. To keep your family safe and comfortable, it’s important to understand what to look for when it comes to burner-related malfunctions.

Unsteady or Discolored Flames

A well-maintained furnace should produce a blue flame that burns steadily. A yellow flame that wavers and flickers signals your furnace burners aren’t achieving proper combustion. This may lead to the production of excess carbon monoxide, which can be hazardous and potentially deadly. Improper combustion is often caused by dirt buildup inside the burner, but it can also indicate mechanical issues.

Unusual Noises

All furnaces make some amount of noise during operation, but you should never dismiss loud or unusual sounds. In particular, pay close attention if you hear a bang or pop shortly after turning on your furnace. Dirty or faulty burners may be slower to ignite, which allows gas to build up inside the system. When ignition finally occurs, it can create a small explosion. This condition, known as delayed ignition, can damage your heat exchanger and create a potentially dangerous situation. Contact heating repair experts immediately if you suspect your furnace isn’t igniting correctly.

Inadequate Heating Performance

When your furnace burners aren’t functioning properly, your entire heating system can be compromised. Your furnace may produce less warmth, cut out intermittently, or even shut down altogether. As a result, you’ll likely notice uncomfortable temperature fluctuations, cold spots throughout your home, and unexplained spikes in your heating costs. Routine preventive maintenance may be able to correct minor performance issues, but serious burner malfunctions may require replacement or repairs.

Don’t let faulty furnace burners drag down your entire home heating system. Call the heating repair experts at Jones Climate Control today for swift and effective furnace repair services in Central Georgia.

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