Signs Your Heat Pump’s Contactors Have Burned Out

Heat pumps offer an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to maintain comfort all year long in your Stockbridge, GA home. Each time the heat pump cycles, its contactors send enough voltage to the outdoor fan motor and the condenser. After many years, the contactors become worn and unable to deliver enough voltage. This may result in burned-out contactors. Here are three signs you may notice when your heat pump’s contactors are damaged and in need of replacement.

Loud Buzzing Noises

A loud buzzing noise at the start of a heating or cooling cycle is the first indication of burned-out contactors. The buzzing noise results from insufficient current flowing through the coil. Buzzing may also result from debris getting stuck between the contactor’s arm and yoke. The debris may cause the contactors to overheat, and overheating leads to burn-out of contactors and capacitors.

No Heating or Cooling

Burned-out contactors aren’t able to deliver enough current to power the compressor or condenser. This means the heat pump isn’t able to move heat energy into or out of your home. The fan will run, but it will blow room-temperature air instead of heated or cooled air. The inability to transfer heat into or out of your home will cause the condenser to keep running until you manually turn it off.

Burning Odor

The contactors have a layer of plastic. This plastic insulation protects the wiring from oxidation and moisture. Overheating of the contactors melts the plastic. You may notice a burning odor at the start of a heating or cooling cycle. If you smell burning plastic, you’ll need urgent heat pump repairs. Regular heat pump maintenance allows for early detection of contactor problems, explains the Department of Energy. Replacement of worn contactors prevents unexpected heat pump malfunctions and reduces the risk of compressor failure.

For more information about the signs of burned-out contactors in heat pumps, take a look at Jones Climate Control’s heat pump repairs, or contact us today.

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