Recognizing the signs of a water heater problem helps you avoid the inconvenience of losing hot water suddenly in your Stockbridge, GA, home. If you notice any of the following problems with your hot water, call for water heater repair from qualified service technicians right away.

Hot Water Is Rust-Colored

Rusty hot water indicates an issue inside the appliance. Sometimes this problem’s caused by a damaged or disintegrated anode rod. The rod’s job is to attract sediment, but over time, the rust build-up on the rod can cause it to erode. Hence, your hot water becomes rusty. Replacing the rod isn’t a major repair, but it’s something that should get done right away to prevent future damage. Call a qualified plumber soon to inspect the water heater.

Lack of Reliable Hot Water

Not all water heater problems immediately release an icy blast of water when you turn on the shower. Most problems are more subtle. It’s more common to experience unreliable heating, such as the water turning cold after a few minutes or even scalding water coming from the tap.

Various problems contribute to unreliable heating including:

  • Sediment build-up
  • Faulty heating elements
  • Thermostat issues

To get to the root of the problem, you must have your water heater inspected by a qualified plumber. Don’t live with unreliable water heating. It’s not only a pain in-the-you-know-what and wastes energy, but it could be the first sign of a more serious problem that, if left alone, could lead to water heater replacement.

The Water Heater Is Leaking

Have you noticed water leaking from the unit? Lack of hot water might not be an issue yet, but you should never ignore a leaky water heater. If the unit leaks from the top, the temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P) might need replacing. However, when the unit leaks from the bottom, the tank is likely rusted inside. In this instance, the only option is to replace the tank.

Here’s the good news! You don’t have to guess what’s wrong with your water heater. Call Jones Climate Control for quality water heater repair and never be without hot water for long.

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