Spring Heat Pump Maintenance: What You Should and Shouldn’t Do

Light rain, milder temperatures and flowering trees mark the beginning of spring in Greater Atlanta, GA. The familiar signs of the season also serve as a reminder that summer is coming. Here are a few things you should and shouldn’t do for heat pump maintenance to prepare for the hot weather ahead.

Check the Filter

Making sure your heat pump’s filter is clean is the most critical maintenance task you can do on your own. Dirty air filters obstruct airflow, which forces the system to run longer to keep you comfortable. Clogged filters allow airborne contaminants to circumvent the filter and potentially damage components. Keeping the filter clean protects the equipment and can lower the system’s energy consumption by as much 15 percent.

Inspect the Outdoor Unit

To operate properly, the equipment housed in your heat pump’s outdoor unit needs room to breathe. For optimal airflow, trim back plantings to establish at least 2 to 3 feet of open space around the unit. There should also be 5 feet of clearance above it, so prune back any overhanging tree limbs. Finally, inspect the unit’s metal grill.

Schedule a Heat Pump Tune-Up

Stopped up condensate line, dirty evaporator coils, rusted wiring — these are just a few of the maintenance tasks best left to the experts. One simple error can cause considerable damage to the equipment. A well-trained technician will identify and correct any problems before they lead to system failure. At Jones Climate Control, our preventive maintenance plans offer a cost-effective way to ensure your heat pump stays trouble-free. Your system will operate up to 25 percent more efficiently with regular care from one of our qualified technicians.

A few DIY tasks can help your heat pump perform better and operate more efficiently. When you partner with Jones Climate Control, you can rest easy knowing you’ll stay comfortable all summer long. For more information about professional heat pump maintenance, call us today.

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