Symptoms of a Bad Furnace Blower Assembly

The blower motor assembly of your Conyers, GA home’s furnace distributes the heated air into your ductwork. A motor turns the fan blades, which direct the air into one or more branches of the duct system. Keep in mind these signs of a bad furnace blower assembly.

Loud or Unusual Noises

Furnace motors have multiple bearings, one or more belts, and metal components. If you hear loud banging, squealing, or screeching noises during a heating cycle, the blower assembly needs attention from qualified heating professionals. Other unusual sounds, including rattling, humming, or excessive vibrations, also warrant an inspection of the blower assembly.

Low or No Air Movement

Faulty furnace blower assemblies don’t effectively move air. You may feel just a trickle of air coming out of your home’s vents. A failed furnace blower assembly brings air movement to a halt. The heated air from your furnace’s heat exchanger won’t have anywhere to go. This may cause the furnace’s safety limit switch to engage, and the furnace will turn off to prevent overheating. The lack of airflow also directly impacts your comfort, notes the Department of Energy. The area next to the furnace will be warm, but no heated air will reach the rest of your living space. Because other issues also cause weak or no air movement, this symptom needs professional attention for an accurate diagnosis and repair.

High Utility Bills

When a furnace blower assembly begins to fail, it frequently overworks and shuts itself off. This leads to a lot of starting and stopping, which uses more fuel and electricity. You may discover that your utility bills are significantly more than they were for the same period of time last year, even if you haven’t made any changes to the temperature setting or anything else in your home.

For more information about the symptoms of a bad furnace blower assembly, take a look at Jones Climate Control’s heating services, or schedule an appointment with our qualified heating professionals today.

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