There are many ways that HVAC equipment can lower energy costs. Many Stockbridge, GA homeowners are saving money with cutting-edge, variable speed heat pump technology. With up to five stages of variable speed compressor operation, you can enjoy unparalleled indoor comfort at a lower monthly price. The benefits of this technology are many:

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

Single-stage systems are either on or off. When they’re on, they operate at 100 percent capacity. Variable speed systems have longer cycles of operation and usually run at 50 percent capacity. The upshot is unsurpassed indoor comfort that actually costs you less.

Balanced Humidity Levels

Ideal relative humidity is between 30 and 50 percent. Single-stage systems don’t run long enough to remove all humidity from the air. Because variable speed heat pumps have longer run times, they can keep humidity levels within the desired parameters.

Healthier Indoor Environment

Many variable speed systems are equipped with enhanced air filtration capability. Longer cycles create greater airflow which helps to remove impurities from indoor air. Lower humidity discourages the growth of microbes.

Extended System Life

Frequent cycling on and off takes a toll on HVAC equipment. It takes a lot of energy to start a system at full blast, run it for a short time, and then turn it off. Because variable speed units have longer run times, they experience less wear and tear. That can translate into fewer HVAC repairs and a longer system lifespan.

Uniform Indoor Comfort

Single-stage HVAC equipment can cause uncomfortable temperature swings. The longer run times of a variable speed compressor can generate even heating and cooling throughout the house.

Are you curious about how variable speed heat pumps can lower your monthly energy bills? Call Jones Climate Control at (678) 210-3851 to learn more.

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