The Impact of Sediment Buildup in Traditional Water Heaters

Hard water might not be a huge problem in Stockbridge, Georgia, but sediment buildup can still cause problems for traditional water heaters. In fact, sediment accumulation can take a toll on both your water heater and your quality of life.

Diminished or Inconsistent Hot Water Supply

If your previously adequate supply of hot water is suddenly coming up short, sediment is likely to blame. As deposits build up inside your system’s tank, they leave less and less room to store hot water reserves. These reserves may be depleted surprisingly quickly, especially when multiple people in your home are using hot water. Excessive sediment can also cause your water temperature to fluctuate wildly and become too hot at times. Sediment buildup can even affect your utility bills by forcing your water heater to work harder and consume more energy.

Gritty or Malodorous Tap Water

When there’s too much sediment in your water heater tank, you may notice big changes in your water quality. In particular, your tap water may feel gritty or appear slightly discolored. It may also take on a rather disagreeable smell that resembles rotten eggs. This foul odor is caused by the bacteria that often thrive in the conditions created by sediment buildup. Although it’s unlikely to be dangerous, the resulting water is far from pleasant for you and your family.

Water Heater Damage

No matter how well a water heater is built, too much sediment can cause serious damage. Thick deposits force your system to run hotter than usual, putting increased stress on the tank and other components. This causes the tank to expand, eventually leading to leaks and potentially increasing corrosion. Sediment-related damage may also produce tapping or knocking sounds while your water heater is operating.

Sediment buildup is a serious problem, but it can often be remedied if it’s treated promptly. If you’re having trouble with your home’s hot water supply, call Jones Climate Control for professional water heater services today.

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