What is that Foul Smell Coming from My Water Heater?

If your Stockbridge, GA home’s water heater smells like rotten eggs, it’s definitely time to get it checked out. In fact, what you’ve been smelling could eventually take over your whole home unless you act quickly!

My Water Heater Smells: What Should I Do?

There are two separate reasons that the foul odor of rotten eggs could be coming from your water heater: excess sulfur-reducing bacteria or a corroded anode rod.

Excess sulfur-reducing bacteria can occur when your water sits in the tank for too long or if you get your water from an untreated well. All water contains sulfate, which is safe and doesn’t smell in small amounts. However, if bacteria are allowed to feed on the sulfates, you’ll begin to experience hydrogen sulfate gas, and it really stinks!

A corroded anode rod is much less common, but there is still a chance it’s the problem. The entire point of an anode rod is to collect corrosive particles. That way, they don’t damage the tank’s lining. When your anode rod becomes overly corroded, though, it will begin releasing metals into the tank. Over time, these metals will begin to react with naturally occurring sulfates, and a big smell will start emitting from your water heater.

Is Soft Water to Blame?

Georgia’s water supply is considered to be soft, which can be problematic for your water heater. If you’re unlucky enough to also have an anode rod made out of magnesium, you’ve basically got a smelly situation waiting to happen. That’s because magnesium reacts with sulfates in the water to create hydrogen sulfide.

Hire a Qualified Service Technician to Help

By the time you start smelling rotten eggs, you’ve got a major problem. Fortunately, Jones Climate Control in Stockbridge, GA, can help! Our qualified service technicians can repair or replace your water heater! Head over to our website now to schedule your service call.

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