What to Expect from a Trane Comfort Specialist

After a decade in business serving the HVAC needs of Stockbridge, GA, residents, we have a track record we can point to with pride. One of our most satisfying achievements is being named a Trane Comfort Specialist because it means we’re among the best of the best.

Only a select few HVAC contractors meet Trane’s stringent standards and attain the designation. That’s important to us, but it’s also important to you. Here are three reasons why you should choose a Trane Comfort Specialist as your HVAC contractor.

Outstanding Skills

Trane emphasizes skilled personnel and passes this standard of excellence on to its TCS dealers. Certified through North American Technician Excellence, our technicians have demonstrated a thorough mastery of the HVAC industry, from repair to installation to service. Because NATE-certified technicians have fewer callbacks, you can rest easy knowing that your HVAC job will be done right the first time.

Superior Products

As a TCS dealer, we have years of innovation and cutting-edge technology backing our products. Trusted internationally, Trane products consistently exceed expectations for residential and commercial use. From a conventional furnace to ductless AC, Trane products deliver a lifetime of energy efficiency, durability, and excellent performance.

Old-Fashioned Values

When you see then Trane Comfort Specialist logo, you know that you’re dealing with an HVAC contractor who is committed to excellence in every aspect: service, products, skills, and business practices. We value honesty and integrity and stand behind our products and our work. This requirement for excellence suits us just fine because it’s already at the heart of our business philosophy.

Quality, innovation, excellence, and training. These words are synonymous with being a Trane Comfort Specialist; they’re also compatible with Jones Climate Control. To learn more about our experience as an HVAC contractor, call us today at 678-210-3851.

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