Benefits of Having an In-Duct UV Light Air Purifier

Today’s home builders in Stockbridge, GA, construct tight homes for increased energy efficiency, but there’s a cost. Decreased indoor air quality (IAQ) is the cost because pollutants can’t escape and stay trapped in homes. For this reason and others, indoor air can be two to five times more contaminated than outdoor air. The solution isn’t building less energy-efficient homes. It is installing indoor air quality products like an in-duct UV light air purifier.

Benefits of UV Light Air Purifier Installation

Unlike stand-alone air purifiers, an in-duct air purifying system improves the IAQ throughout the entire house. The air sanitizing lights get installed in your home’s supply vents and become a part of the duct system. This setup allows the air to get sanitized before getting distributed throughout the house.

Another pro of in-duct UV light sanitizing systems is their role in reducing allergens and other irritants that can worsen allergy symptoms and aggravate respiratory illnesses like asthma. The sterilization process minimizes the effects of bacteria and other forms of organic growth, making your air cleaner. Some homeowners who install these purification systems find members of their household experience fewer colds, too.

How to Install In-Duct UV Lights

Many people try to save money with do-it-yourself projects. However, this isn’t one of those projects. Attempting to install an in-duct air purification system without proper knowledge or experience can cause damage to the HVAC system. Yes, you’ll spend more money upfront on labor costs. However, you save money by avoiding potential repairs to correct installation mistakes and have peace of mind the installation got done correctly.

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You deserve to live in a home with clean, healthy, and breathable air. Check out all the indoor air quality products we install, or call Jones Climate Control to learn more about UV light air purifier installation.

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