Fall Allergens and How to Deal with Them

All fall allergens are challenging, but ragweed is by far the biggest issue in the Stockbridge, GA, area. Symptoms associated with this allergy include:

  • Sneezing
  • Runny Nose
  • Coughing
  • Watery Eyes
  • Itchy Eyes and Nose

The good news is that you don’t have to merely sit back and deal with lost productivity brought on by these cumbersome symptoms. Instead, you can take several steps to reduce your exposure to ragweed and every other fall allergen.

Keep Your Home Clean

Ragweed spores can travel hundreds of miles, so you need to remain vigilant even if there’s no ragweed near your home. Don’t leave your clothing outside. Be sure to wash your bedding at least once per week. Additionally, you’ll want to dust and vacuum regularly to prevent the accumulation of other allergen triggers such as dust mites. Getting your air ducts cleaned is another way to reduce your family’s exposure to fall allergens.

Focus on Indoor Air Quality

Aside from cleaning your air ducts, you should consider investing in some indoor air quality equipment. For example, central air purifiers remove many of the air particulates that would normally pass through your HVAC unit. Humidifiers are also helpful as they prevent air pollutants from staying airborne for an extended period of time. You may even want to consider mechanical ventilation to prevent your indoor air from becoming stale. Another proven way to improve indoor air quality is by switching to a ductless mini-split heat pump.

Wear a Mask During Outside Chores

Experts recommend wearing a NIOSH-rated 95 filter mask when you mow your lawn, rake leaves, tend to your garden, and do any other outside chores. It’s also wise to wear gloves. Always avoid touching your skin or eyes with any contaminated gloves or clothing. Don’t forget to wash your gloves and clothing as soon as you’re finished working outside.

Do you suffer from fall allergies? We can help! Check out our indoor air quality solutions or call (678) 210-3851 for more info.

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