Heat Pump Installations Work Well in Georgia’s Climate

Available with the latest in HVAC technology, a heat pump makes an energy-efficient heating and cooling alternative for your home. With cool winters and humid summers, homeowners in Griffin, GA and the surrounding areas need an HVAC system that can operate effectively in all seasons. Heat pump installations can create an ideal environment for you and your family. They can help balance humidity levels and improve indoor air quality.

Heat Pump Installations in Warmer Climates

Heat pumps are designed to provide both heating and cooling. They can also help you save on utility bills. Areas like Georgia that have mild winters benefit from heat pumps as they use less energy than air conditioners and furnaces to operate. Heat pumps use a small amount of electricity to transfer heat in order to create a warm or cool environment. Instead of spending extra money on a furnace, you can have the heating you need at a quarter of the cost with a heat pump installation.

Advanced Technology from New Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps have energy-efficient technology that maximizes comfort for a lower operating cost. Traditional single-stage furnaces only operate at 100% capacity, which uses a lot of energy over time. New heat pump installations are designed with features like variable-speed controls to cut down energy costs. Variable-speed heat pumps can run longer cycles at a lower capacity, which prevents breakdowns and extends system life.

Expert HVAC Services for Custom Comfort

By receiving expert HVAC services for your new heating system, you can enjoy the full benefits of heat pump technology. Professional service technicians have the experience to properly install your heat pump so it can provide effective heating and cooling for your home. Plus, with a regular maintenance plan, a trusted professional will inspect and adjust your heat pump to ensure optimal heating and cooling year-round.

To learn more about heat pump installations in Griffin, GA and the surrounding areas, check out our HVAC services, or call Jones Climate Control today.

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