Need Help Improving Your Business’s Indoor Air Quality?

The air in your Stockbridge, GA business makes a direct impact on the well-being of your employees and the comfort of your customers or guests. Poor indoor air quality contributes to short-term and chronic illnesses, and it could make your business an unpleasant place to shop, visit or work. Fortunately improving your business’s air quality with energy-efficient commercial HVAC equipment and other indoor air quality solutions has never been easier.

Reduce Pollutant Levels

Your employees likely spend the majority of their waking hours in your business. When the air in your facility has a high level of airborne pollutants, your employees may develop difficulty breathing. Employees who already have asthma or another breathing disorder may experience worsening symptoms, which could lead to an increased level of absences and a decreased level of productivity. Mechanical ventilation, air cleaners, and other indoor air quality solutions reduce pollutant levels and create a healthier workplace, explains the Environmental Protection Agency.

Eliminate Odors

In many industries, odors from equipment and supplies affect the comfort and well-being of visitors, customers, and employees. These odors may result from volatile organic compounds or routine activities, such as printing and cleaning. Effective indoor air quality solutions filter odor-causing particles. Commercial HVAC equipment also includes active ventilation systems that remove the foul odors and bring in fresh, clean air that’s easier to breathe.

Ensure an Ideal Humidity Level

Point-of-service devices, servers, and many other pieces of business equipment are sensitive to humidity levels. Excess humidity may damage electrical components, and dry air may cause a buildup of static electricity. Indoor air quality solutions help ensure that your business maintains an ideal humidity level of 30% to 50%. This minimizes mold and mildew and optimizes comfort and productivity.

To learn more about improving your business’s indoor air quality, take a look at Jones Climate Control’s indoor air quality solutions and commercial HVAC equipment, or get in touch with us today.

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