Smart Thermostats Can Help You Reduce Your Energy Usage

You don’t have to be a math whiz to figure out how to save money on heating and cooling. The formula is simple: the less energy your HVAC systems use, the more cash you’ll keep in your pocket. Smart thermostats provide you with an easy way to get the job done. Learn how these modern devices improve your comfort while letting you hold onto more of your hard-earned dollars in McDonough, GA.

What Makes a Thermostat Smart?

Whether it’s a brand-new model or one you’ve owned for many years, all thermostats work by tracking household temperatures. It’s the technology that smart thermostats use that makes them so energy-efficient.

  • A built-in microprocessor collects data that lets it “learn” your preferred temperature settings and adjust operation automatically to match your needs.
  • Small remote sensors installed around your home allow the thermostat to maintain a consistently comfortable temperature.
  • Geolocation technology tells the device when you’re home or away, so you don’t waste energy heating or cooling an empty home.

Wi-Fi Enabled Wonders

What if your regular schedule changes? Internet connectivity lets you access, monitor, and control your home’s HVAC systems through your smartphone, laptop, or computer. You can program your heater to turn on before you get home or switch off your AC system from wherever you are. A smart thermostat ensures you always come home to a comfortable environment, no matter how often your schedule changes. Online reports also provide information about energy usage, so you can track and manage the data.

Energy Efficient HVAC Products

As a certified Trane Comfort Specialist, Jones Climate Control offers an array of internet-connected controls for your HVAC systems. We’re proud to provide the Metro Atlanta region with efficient HVAC products that make it easy to conserve energy and save money.

If you’re considering installing a smart thermostat, call Jones Climate Control. We’re happy to help you select a model that will work with your heating and cooling systems. For more information, check out our home automation or give us a call today.

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