Unpredictable winter weather will find you turning to your heating system for relief. Your heating equipment should operate quietly, with just the sounds of the whirring fan and perhaps a click when the system turns on and off. If you hear any of the following strange noises coming from your heater, you may need heating equipment repairs performed by dependable HVAC professionals.


A loud humming sound from your furnace’s blower or from your heat pump suggests an electrical problem. The humming comes from the capacitor or compressor when the electrical load or demand is too high. This situation requires prompt heating equipment repairs.


If your home uses a boiler, occasional popping sounds may result from minerals in the water interacting with the boiler’s heating element. If you have a furnace or heat pump, it shouldn’t make popping sounds. Popping could result from improper combustion, moisture, or debris coming into contact with the heat exchanger.


If you suddenly hear a banging sound coming from your heating equipment, there may be debris stuck near the fan or blower. A single bang may result from the expansion or contraction of your home’s ductwork.


Grinding sounds are never normal from any type of heating equipment. If metal comes into contact with metal, or a rubber belt gets loose, this may cause grinding noises. Debris stuck in the fan can also cause a grinding sound. You’ll need dependable HVAC professionals to troubleshoot this strange noise.


Hissing sounds may be normal during a boiler’s heating cycle. However, hissing sounds from a heat pump or furnace are never normal. The equipment may have a gas or refrigerant leak. These problems require immediate heating equipment repairs, notes the Department of Energy.

If you notice these or other loud or strange noises coming from your heating equipment, take a look at Jones Climate Control’s heating equipment repairs, or reach out to our reliable HVAC professionals today.

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